HD-SDI Technology - Full HD Recording

HD-SDI series delivers crystal clear mega pixel images without compression over coax.
It is also able to provide realtime Full HD(1080p or 720p) live and playback image.
This cutting-edge technology models are proper to observe a place where needs the highest level of surveillance.

960H Real Time

K1000 / K3300 / K3400 series are innovative real time DVR which receive 960H resolution analog video inputs.
The highest video quality in analog DVR. 240 more horizontal lines with 115k pixels comparing to D1.

RS485 Over Coax

Flexible and Simple application. With one sing coaxial cable, both the video data transmission and PTZ Control are achievable.

Each Channel Recording in Full HD (1080p or 720p)

HD-SDI series records the videos from HD-SDI cameras by coaxial cable in Full HD resolution.

It is also able to provide real time HD (1080p or 720p) live and playback image. 
HD-SDI series will be the best choice for any place which needs precise monitoring such as banks or casinos.

Full HD Live & Playback

Through HDMI and VGA output, user can experience high definition of Max. 1920 x 1080 resolution image on live and playback.

When user displays in multi-channel split mode, the XGA resolution and Full HD resolution deliver different video quality.

As the individual channels lose their own resolution on XGA resolution, the DVR is not able to deliver good video quality.

On the other hand, the individual channels keep their own resolution on Full HD resolution as a result user may experience

superior video quality from our DVR systems.

Multi Spot Monitor

K1000 / K3000 / K5300 / K4300 Series support multi channel display (4/8/16 channel) on spot monitor by BNC multi spot port.

E-SATA Storage

For long-term and safe recording, E-SATA storage can be connected. 4 additional HDDs are extended with 1 E-SATA port.

POS (Patent Pending)

Transaction history from POS will be recorded without any protocols. All the texts will be synchronized with video data and

our DVR system will offer a great help to users in managing the site with full flexibilities and efficiencies.

Mobile Viewer 

User can remotely monitor their home or office DVRs from 3G mobile devices, such as iPad, iPhone and Android

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