H.264 High Profile

H.264 High Profile the most advanced compression method.

H.264 High Profile is the latest codec with the highest compression rate. Primary profile for High-Definition quality en/decoding application.

User Friendly GUI

Flexible, Easy and Convenient.

Our intuitive interface technology adopts clear, menu-driven options
which is quick to learn and easy to use. User may select its control
devices from a range of USB mouse through CCTV Keyboard.

Dual Stream

For Smoother Network Monitoring.

Dual streaming technology enables the user to send high frame rate video data via online by re-compressing the data. 

This highly re-compressed video reduces the network traffic and makes a better atmosphere for remote monitoring.


Self Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology

SMART checks the health status of your hard disk drives
(HDDs). It regularly analyzes the probable failure and sends 
an alarm before it actually occurs. S.M.A.R.T is supported by 
all current HDDs and it allows the early prediction and 
warning of impending hard disk disasters.


Advanced CMS S/W

Convenient and Versatile Software

CMS is a central monitoring software that monitors and 
manages the video, audio and alarm of multiple sites by 
signaling over networks. It also provides convenient and 
versatile search, playback, PTZ control and system check 
for health status.

Mobile Viewer

Remote Monitoring via Smart Phone.

Now users can connect to their DVR not only from PC but also 

with their mobile devices such as smart phone with mViewer app.
It supports iPad, iPhone and Android which enables users to monitor,
search, playback and PTZ control.
It can be downloaded from each application store.
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