Mobile Viewer 

Users may be to monitor their site no matter where 
they are by using their smartphone and they are able to 
access the DVR remotely.

Audio Recording 

Audio and video is recorded at the same time.
Data is stored on HDD and can be easily
transferred to CD/DVD-RW.

POS (Patent Pending) 

Losses related to POS transactions can be a main cause
of the shrinkage for the most part. The POS 
surveillance system uses video text overlay technology to
provide visual contextual awareness that helps reduce 
shrinkage and protect asset against business losses. 
While working in conjunction with Data Capture, the DVR 
system helps you with tools to remotely monitor cashier 
area, associate POS transaction data with text and record 
videos for retroactive analysis, and even output alarms for 
emergency events.

E-Mail Notification 

The DVR can send an email and alert sounds with image or

video clip attached. When someone appears on the specific spot of camera frame then email notification & alarm will be activated and the DVR itself will automatically sends an email to designated address. When users programmed to send an email along with

video or images then it will be attached with it.

RS485 over Coax

PTZ and camera menu control, etc are achievable by one single normal coaxial cable.
This means simplicity, flexibility and cost reduction.

External Storage

e-SATA and I-SCSI interface for external storage can be utilized for 
longer and larger scale data caused by high-quality for recording image.

H.264 High Profile

H.264 High Profile is the most advanced profile. The shift from Baseline Profile, Main Profile to High Profile delivers gains in performance across the full bandwidth spectrum.


The e-Map functions allow you to design your own map by using local map. You can locate any camera from any remote server to your map by dragging and dropping from the list.

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